What You Want For Your Motorcycle -- SUR-RON Power System

What You Want For Your Motorcycle -- SUR-RON Power System

Are you a huge fan of riding motorcycle? Which part of the motorcycle do you care about the most? We probably all agree that speed performance is one of the key elements for the riding experience. If you are enthusiastic about better speed and great performance of your motorcycle, the SUR-RON Power System will be a great choice for you to achieve the extreme performance you want to pursue.

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First, let's meet SUR-RON Power System - SP180-B1. This power system is developed by the Power Department of Chongqing Qiulong Technology Co., Ltd, who's committed to the research and development of the core technologies services for power systems and solutions to the integrated motorcycle power systems.

This SUR-RON Power System - SP180-B1 was developed based on large-power density permanent magnet synchronous motors. It adopted advanced vector control technology (FOC), with an integration of the driving logic and control algorithms from driving experience of professional drivers. "The riding experience was fabulous! I can't wait to have this system on my own motorcycle!' A huge fan of our products told us after he tried this power system.

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What's so great about SUR-RON Power System? One great thing about it is that it can fit a variety of models with pertinent matching. Let's have a look at what elements this system has: 35-100V wide voltage, 6000RPM high rotation speed, temperature resistance up to 180℃, lp67 waterproof, system efficiency over 93%, and CAN/485 communication.

For pedals, this system provides smooth accelerating and delicate control. For naked motorcycles, it gives strong power and sensitive control. For off-road motorcycles, it releases strong explosive power and large torque. For sports motorcycles, it allows fast accelerating and outstanding performance at top speed.

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What ensures this power system to be so powerful? 

1. Vector control, with more smooth and sensitive control, smooth performance, and low noise.

2. Dual rated voltage mode, automatically adaptive matching of 48V/60V.

3. Output up to 4500A and more powerful.

4. Power outputs from two power modes, multi-curve control, and adaptation to multiple models.

5. Multiple protections such as voltage, current, and temperature to provide high system reliability.

6. With various functions like dumping and power failure protection, side bracket power failure protection, anti-overrun protection and others, for higher safety.

7. With electric energy recovery function for a great improvement of the vehicle's cruising ability.

8. Strong and beautiful Aluminum alloy shell with excellent heat dissipation and low temperature rise.

9. Full potting process, with good waterproof and shock resistance.


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