Sur-Ron Disc|Thicker! Bigger! Stronger!

Sur-Ron Light Bee is equipped with two 2.0mm (0.079inch) discs (rear and front), which can satisfy most of the cyclists' requirements for daily riding experience. However, a certain amount of cyclists are pursuing extreme performance, in response, we came out with these thicker, bigger, and stronger discs!

(Front. Click the picture for purchasing)

(Rear. Click the picture for purchasing)

This thicker disc uses a brand new mechanical design for better shock absorption and balance by distributing the impact force.

(Click the picture for purchasing)

The thickness of our new disc is 2.10mm (0.083inch). And most of the hot-selling discs in the market only have 1.73mm (0.068inch). With the new design, the thicker disc improved its overall ability including abrasion resistance, structural support, and strength. Provides you a better experience with the braking system.

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